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Hechizoo is a laboratory for the creation and production of high quality textiles with unique types of fabrics.

Having had a previous web design developed by DesignPlus, in 2011 we proposed the design and development of a web application that enabled users to experience exclusive access to Hechizoo's product portfolio, safely showing the work from Jorge Lizarazo to the ones allowed to do so.

This website allows the administration of some modules by the staff from Hechizoo and others by DesignPlus.


  • Tarek Antabi

    I am trying to access the portfolio of Hechizoo.com but i do not have a customer login. I tried filling their contact form on their website twice in the last 10 days but got no response. Would it be possible to either put me in touch with them directly by email, phone or give me access to their portfolio? Of course after getting their permission.

    We are looking for carpets to furnish our new home and like what we've seen in the Architectural Digest magazine article about them.

    • Camilo A. López B.

      Let me get in contact with Hechizoo, keep the conversation here.