Online ads, communication that sells

Online ads, communication that sells

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, what really matter is being always there for your customer, with online publicity you can achieve it in short term and with great effectiveness


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impact of cpc publicity

The great impact of internet publicity

People are breathing technology and spending more time sharing their needs online, this is where companies must cover those needs advertising on the internet. In DesignPlus we can help you build profitable and successful campaigns; we don’t want to use ten thousand ads online, we want to have the perfect ad for your customers, accuracy is our goal.

CPC Publicity in social networks

Publicity in social networks

We implement marketing strategies in social networks to provide with visibility to your company in the moment of purchasing, we structure effective campaigns that allow you to achieve the goals and gain customers fast, besides, online ads can be modified any time, adapting to the new characteristics of the market or your potential clients.

“10 million ads visualized in 1 minute"

Source OBS Estudio Big Data 2015

Advantages of digital advertising

Online ads allow you to, segment your public identifying their needs, profiles and particular characteristics; have a detailed analysis through reliable platforms like Google Analytics; its low costs bring benefits like a very high investment return and the possibility to reach millions of customers immediately.

Public segmentation
Detailed analysis
Low costs

Video testimony about Internet ads

Video testimony about Internet ads
Renta Espacio

Renta Espacio

Camilo Ramirez, Manager at Renta Espacio, speaks about the digital ads campaigns that we developed for them.