Community manager for operating your community

Connect your company with users through social networks, gain recognition and customers interacting with professionalism

Community manager

What is a Community Manager?

A Community Manager, like its name says, is the one in charge of managing one or more communities, its purpose is to be the intermediate between the company and its users, providing them with customized attention when needed, besides generating interactions and conversations about the company to promote this way engagement and brand recognition.

The importance of managing your social networks professionally

It is very common to hear that anyone can manage a business profile, although it is not like that, by offering our Community Manager service we have clear that the actions that will be taken will always be linked to your company’s tone and a carefully planned strategy, which has the function of interacting with your customers in a respectful way being a bridge with other areas of your company like: marketing, customer service and technical support.

Community Manager Plus

When you hire our Community Manager service you will have access to:

  • Advice in identifying which are your needs and be able to create a social network strategy.
  • When creating a strategy, thematics will be arranged, corporate tone, number of pieces to publish and further actions to enhance the brand recognition and increase web traffic.
  • The profiles that are managed will be SEO optimized to enhance organic positioning and keep a coherence of message of the company in every network.
  • An answers protocol will be elaborated to provide with an appropriate customer service to users when needed.
  • Daily behaviour and interaction monitoring of every profile will be performed to keep up to date with each mention in which the company is present.
  • In case of performing an activity or event, a plan is elaborated and managed with specific targets.
  • Your Community Manager will let you know of any business opportunity that shows up or any problematic that is affecting your company.
  • Every month, a performance report will be delivered.