Web analytics for decision making

At DesignPlus we use web analytics as an essential tool to enhance your business results

Web analytics for web site optimization

Defining the targets for your web site

Before measuring it is important to know what to measure, that’s why we analyze your website to know its characteristics and identify the behaviours that your users must have to give value to your business. With this information we create the targets according to your business needs.

We set up Google Analytics in your web site

Although there are a lot of measuring tools, at DesignPlus we always incorporate Google Analytics because of its flexibility and quality in data gathering, as well as the completeness of its free version. And although we like Google a lot , we also use other tools to make a more detailed analysis (like “Hotjar”) and so we can offer data that promotes actions for the optimization of your web site.

Measurement dashboards

With the gathered information, follow-up and analysis dashboards are created in Google Analytics in which target results are evaluated; These dashboards allow us to evaluate the relevant KPIs (Key Performance indicators) for your business.

Web analytics reports for your business

Based on the outlined targets and your business KPIs we create reports where data is synthesized and easily delivered for its comprehension. Besides, each report is customized to suit the interests of the professional to whom it will be delivered (manager, product, marketing, etc.).

Each report includes suggestions that aim at enhancing the obtained results. That’s how the client is monthly informed about the behaviour, using the data as an important tool in decision making.

Results optimization

We know that web analytics isn’t just about measuring and analyzing, but also optimizing. For this we analyze the information, then we create a hypothesis to enhance the results and develop an experiment (A/B test or multivariate test) in Google Analytics or Visual Website Optimizer where we verify or rectify the hypothesis against the data so that we can implement changes.