Landing pages as a marketing tool

We develop Landing Pages to optimize your marketing strategies. The purpose of having a Landing page is to achieve results for a specific target according to your company’s needs.

Landing pages as a marketing tool

What is a landing page?

It's a web page where you send traffic from different marketing channels like banners, social networks, advertisements, etc. The goal is to get users to complete an action and achieve conversions, that’s why it's an essential tool in marketing campaigns.

Landing pages developed by DesignPlus

As an interactive digital agency we engage in building effective landing pages with customized design that accomplish your company’s requirements, like so:

  • We listen closely to your needs to bring you the solution you are looking for with assertiveness.
  • In the process of developing a Landing Page we also look for assessing you with what you need so that you can achieve more effectively the expected results.
  • Although it doesn’t take a long time to develop a landing page, we care to bind all the efforts in every new action, so that we can optimize the digital marketing of your company.
  • We listen to you and understand what you need to design, develop and implement the Landing Page.
  • All of our Landing Pages have responsive web designs.
  • Before publicly releasing your Landing Page, we make a series of tests to ensure that the product and its components work correctly.
  • Once the product is delivered, a follow-up is made to optimize the Landing Page.

We implement top-of-the-line technology

One of our corporate values is to be self-taught, this way we keep updated to offer you the best tech solutions, another characteristic present in our working methodology is the transparency about the tools we work with (Foundation for Sites, Angular JS, HTML5, among others.), this way you know how the Landing Page was built, promoting a professional feedback environment.