Responsive Web Design = more clients, happier.

Your site or application always adapted to any device, that way Google rewards you and your clients love you.

Responsive Web Design Bogota - DesignPlus

What is responsive design?

Responsive or adaptive web design is a technology used in web design to allow a web site or application to adapt to any device (cellphones, tablets, computers, etc.), offering users this way a correct visualization and friendly navigability.

The importance of relying on responsive web design

In DesignPlus we are always up to date with new technologies, we like to innovate and work with the best tools to offer you the best solutions, that’s why we implement in every web site and web application (without exception) responsive design, we know that not doing it is to provide you with a bad service.

DesignPlus is always responsive

All of the web sites we develop include responsive technology, which we incorporate from the visual design stage to later implement it in the HTML5 stage, where it is finally visualized by the users.

The advantages we offer you when designing your web site or applications under this technique are:

  • better user experience
  • better SEO positioning
  • inversion saving because of not having to rely on different versions of the web site depending on the device
  • taking part of the Mobile First trend