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We design customized web sites that gather your targets, we focus on producing high-quality (not quantity) products.

Website design in Bogota - DesgnPlus

Making of a Plus web site

The web development process starts by listening to you, we care about knowing your needs. On top of this, we create a web design, which requires hard work by our team to create unique web site, customized and successful.

Characteristics of a web site created by DesignPlus

Our goal as an interactive digital agency is to create and develop outstanding products with the best technological tools of the industry, that’s why the following features turn us into the best option for your company:

  • We assess in detail your needs and requirements; we listen, design and develop what you want and need.
  • We settle with you a working structure (stages of design, development and tests) to deliver the project without delays.
  • We create a customized and unique web design according to your targets.
  • We consider your opinion in each stage of the project, nothing is approved unless you have approved it first.
  • During the project you will have direct contact with the professional of each involved area, our working style does not include intermediaries.
  • We implement the best technological tools: Foundations for Sites, Angular JS, HTML5, among others, so that each component in your web site is under the highest quality standards.
  • Your web site will rely on responsive web design.
  • Your web site will be tested before delivery to guarantee proper functioning of each of its components.
  • After delivering the web site we do a follow-up to optimize any of its elements that needs to.

We guarantee quality and backrest

Our working methodology is directed to deliver a project that gathers what is expected and draws a smile on your face, that’s why we develop each project with enthusiasm and compromise, ensuring this way a high-quality web site with the backrest of a professional and multidisciplinary team.

We also want you to know that we see in each client a learning opportunity more than a business opportunity, our intention is to create a long-term relationship where we can advise and help you in the growth of your company, in DesignPlus we believe that good relationships last longer than good business.

Video testimony about Website design

Video testimony about Website design
Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Discover what our client, Gimanasio Fontana, has to say about the web design we created for them.