How To Grow Your Business Using Video Marketing

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Video marketing is fast becoming a major trend. It does not really matter whether you are operating a large enterprise or a small business; video marketing comes as one of those compelling strategies that can help you in achieving success within the shortest time span.

It is only because of the excellent results produced by video marketing that more and more companies are using it as one of the most efficient digital tools. Of course, videos make the future, but then there are many professionals who are apprehensive about making the shift to video marketing strategies.

Video marketing statistics show that the procedure does not only help organizations in promoting their brands but even helps in the conversion of anonymous visitors into profitable leads.

Such professionals should know how they can grow their business by the use of video marketing:

Create Video Content for Boosting Your Digital Marketing Goals

You need to engage the prospective buyers of your business at different touchpoints like social media, blogs, and websites for closing a business-to-business sale. Nevertheless, if you blend these efforts with videos, they can turn out to be even more effective.

Users on social media channels engage with videos more than all the other content formats. The marketing emails with “video” as their subject line have more click-through rates.

Even blog titles with the word “video” can help in increasing click-through rates. Adding videos to websites can also help in increasing the search engine ranking of the sites. This process is more effective in comparison to keyword-rich web pages.

It is also worth noting that the optimized YouTube videos tend to rank higher on the Google search results. So, if you are unable to get on board with this trend, your business might land right at the bottom.

The good news here is that quality is no longer a priority these days. There is no need to use fancy videos to promote a brand or a product. The only thing required is proper information or information that the viewers can relate to.

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Build Trust with the Prospects

When it comes to achieving business success online, building trust among prospects is very important. If your probable customers do not trust you, they will not buy your services and products. This is where video marketing comes into effective play.

Video marketing helps in building trust among the prospects. Create the right video content, and nothing can stop you from engaging with the audience. And yes, you can engage in ways you might have never thought of.

Videos can help you demonstrate your expertise in a better way than what would be the case with written content. In your videos, the viewers will be able to see almost everything that you do. And when customers see everything a business does, they trust the business more.

This is the reason why around 40% of people trust the content available on YouTube. And yes, 60% of them are of the view that the videos they have watched on YouTube have changed their view of the world.

Repurpose Existing Content: Transform them into Videos

Transforming or repurposing existing content into informative videos is one of the best marketing strategies. You know, people have varied preferences and tastes, and the same applies to their preferred formats in the content category.

There are some who like reading while there are others who are fond of audio recordings or videos. Consider this, and you will surely find how transforming your blogs and write-ups into videos can serve to be one of the most potent ways of increasing audiences.

Content repurposing will not just help you in accessing different platforms with enormous viewers but will also help you cater to different audience tastes. So, keep in mind to take the incredible potential of content repurposing into account when trying to come up with a video marketing strategy.

Remember: The Length of Your Video Matters, It Matters a Lot

Take yourself into account here. Do you like watching a lengthy video, especially if you are looking for something in a hurry? No, na? The same goes for all the viewers online. Prospective consumers will hardly go through your videos if they are more than 30 seconds long.

Hence, the duration of your video content is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to deciding the fate of your marketing strategy. If reports are to be believed, videos more than 2 minutes in length come with a total engagement rate of just 10%.

So, you must always try and make short, straightforward videos that explain your brand or your products and services in the most effective manner. The video you make should explain the nature of your services or products, your business objective, and your prospective audience.

Creating short but subtle and informative video content will work wonders for your video marketing strategy by bringing in good sales.

The Landing Page Should Have a Video

Yet another superb way in which you can grow your business by using video marketing is by embedding videos on the landing page of your brand. The landing page of your site is not just the face of the business you are dealing in but is also the most visited page on the site.

A lot depends on the quality of your landing page when it comes to earning the trust of the customers or when driving conversions. You must know that the videos on your website’s landing page should have the potential of boosting conversions.

Since consumers are simply in life with videos, they have increased chances of staying on your site if they get to watch engaging and entertaining video content. The longer audiences stay on your website, the bigger will be their chance of deciding to buy from you.

To Conclude

It is not just plain and simple video marketing strategies that will bring you business success and growth. Properly planned and executed video marketing plans are what you require for growing your business and for getting more views on the videos you make.

video explicativo inbound marketing portada
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Publicado: July 21, 2021
Actualizado: May 14, 2022

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